Lagrange Multipliers

I recently forgot Lagrange Multipliers and this is fucking embarassing. But Dan Klein came to my rescue with this document: Lagrange Multipliers Without Permanent Scarring

Hebb's Rule

This post is slightly psychology influenced. Well, in the Psychology class I have been taking this semester (Introduction To Cognitive Learning), I was taught about Neural Networks and a certain Hebb's Rule which allows a network to remember a previous configuration and use this configuration to interpret new information. We use the following model to […]

Post's Machine Emulator

I was bored as usual and since Combat Arms has begun to slip in my list of pastimes, I decided to write a Post's Machine Emulator as described in the booklet by V. A. Uspensky titled "Post's Machine" ( Amazon Link This machine has a tape (infinitely long) and the reel has cells which can […]

RPN Calculator - Keeping Boredom Away

Alright, those who know me well are bound to ask, 19 credit hours and you are bored? Answer: Yes. It is still the first week and we don't seem to have gotten beyond the "introduce your loser self to the other non-interested members of the class" and since I have only 1 programming intensive course […]

Curious Fractions

While suffering from conjuctivitis, fever, a sore throat and what seems to be a case of swollen tonsils determined to make nutrition a pain for the next week or two, I decided to solve a problem on Project Euler. The question I picked was Problem 33: Find all fractions with the given unorthodox cancelling method […]