Daily life

Problem Reductions

Prof. GNF @ Purdue provided one of the best learning opportunities I ever had in CS 381 - Algorithms. A particular section that I was particularly attracted to was problem reductions. Basically, you want to reduce 1 problem to another so you can use a previous solution to solve it. Reductions were (I am using […]

Fixing my incompetence

Every once in a while when I am about to take off, I promptly have my wings cut - these moments have helped shape a rather interesting college life IMO. So, this semester I happened to fall in Jeff Mark Siskind's class EE473 where we studied classical AI (stuff that was outdated by the 80s […]

Ooh Shiny !

End of Semester #5

So, another semester and another time to feel excellent about myself and all that sort of thing. But first, some interesting life-updates (these just crack me up everytime I list them out). Due to some total n00b carelessness on my part, my trip to home (Singapore) got cancelled one day before I was scheduled to […]

Fixing Schedule

So, my plan for semester #5 seems to be finalized. I did not do too well in the Physics test out - apparently they cover less in the summer iteration of the course than they test for in the test-out. This mean I will have to take Phys 272 in semester #6 (ah well, a […]

Decline of Journalism

A rant on the media and its many shortcomings.