Daily life

Clojure For Scripting

I have been trying to make Clojure my default language for scripting and since I am a pillock, I used a new project for almost single-file code pieces.lein exec is apparently the way to accomplish this. This is going to make life easier henceforth. Links: Lein Exec

Installing Boost.MPI with a Custom Python and a Custom GCC

I was recently chasing a KDD deadline (I still am - so why am I writing this post? I don't know) and was using Boost.MPI's Python bindings for some computation. At CMU, there's a cluster on which I use EPD-Free1 as my Python distribution which is located in: ~/opt/Python27/bin/python I have a custom gcc/g++ (version […]

California - Summer 2012

I truly fell in love with SF. Beautiful weather, complex society, culture and sophistication everywhere - what more can a man ask for.


This past summer, I stayed in Berkeley and made the commute via the bart system to San Francisco to work. My only other experience with a college-town was in West Lafayette and Berkeley, I assumed, would have more to offer (radio, culture, UCB's nobel laureates list etc). So, I was really excited to stay there […]