Python Scripts

The One PITA

Well, it is thanksgiving break and I was so far having a decent semester, straight As in all exams (a perfect score in economics - not that I should be proud of it or anythin) and then terror strikes. Or well whatever the college version of a cataclysm is. I managed to f'kin ruin (misunderstand) [...]

Tinkering With A New Project

During the vacation this summer, I began working on creating an app that would help me respond to calls of attention when my auditory sensory capabilities were compromised courtesy the noise cancellation capabilities of my Bose headsets. Well, I managed to make a few mods to that script, used a touch of applescript (thank god [...]


It has been an amazing first week at college here. First, I began working with Prof Kihara and got to see a whopping 160 thousand (!) annotations. The coolest part is that I got to see a few protein function prediction algorithms (I get to code! Yippee!). Well, at one point I had to whip [...]

First DSP Attempts

Well, since my last post on detecting calls of attention using my microphone, I have been paying attention to DSP since it seems to be one cool topic to spend 3 months on. So, I decided to begin reading the dspguide and found some cool stuff which I decided to tinker with. After reading about [...]

WAV Files, Spring Semester, Research Hopes, IPL,

UPDATE 02/13/2010: Most recent version of this script is now moved to: EDIT: An updated version of this script along with tools to improve the user experience can be obtained at After an looooong time, I've decided to put finger on keyboard (I think that sounds stupid). Considering that I now use BOSE [...]

Hebb's Rule

This post is slightly psychology influenced. Well, in the Psychology class I have been taking this semester (Introduction To Cognitive Learning), I was taught about Neural Networks and a certain Hebb's Rule which allows a network to remember a previous configuration and use this configuration to interpret new information. We use the following model to [...]

Post's Machine Emulator

I was bored as usual and since Combat Arms has begun to slip in my list of pastimes, I decided to write a Post's Machine Emulator as described in the booklet by V. A. Uspensky titled "Post's Machine" ( Amazon Link This machine has a tape (infinitely long) and the reel has cells which can [...]

RPN Calculator - Keeping Boredom Away

Alright, those who know me well are bound to ask, 19 credit hours and you are bored? Answer: Yes. It is still the first week and we don't seem to have gotten beyond the "introduce your loser self to the other non-interested members of the class" and since I have only 1 programming intensive course [...]

Boyer - Moore String Search (Good Suffix Shift)

The next string search algorithm I am going to cover seems pretty cool since the match is made in a reverse fashion. We check if the last character in the keyword equals some character in the text and decrease from that point on.As a result, a mismatch is detected extremely fast and this is also [...]

Knuth Morris Pratt String Searching

I found some free time in the midst of extensive preparations ( for the end of semester examinations, I managed to salvage some time to write some Python code (I've written so much Java that Python now equals a rub on the temples). Search: A parallel comparision is made on the text to be searched [...]