Python Scripts

Installing Boost.MPI with a Custom Python and a Custom GCC

I was recently chasing a KDD deadline (I still am - so why am I writing this post? I don't know) and was using Boost.MPI's Python bindings for some computation. At CMU, there's a cluster on which I use EPD-Free1 as my Python distribution which is located in: ~/opt/Python27/bin/python I have a custom gcc/g++ (version […]

dateutil problems.

Recently I had to deal with dateutil's parser. Apparently it is very powerful and lots of people masturbate to it and I managed to bring it to its heels with this: >>> dparser.parse("P 16:08 May 14, 2003 UTC", fuzzy=True) Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 1, in File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/dateutil/", line 697, in parse […]

A SelfControl Workaround

UPDATE:  I now use K9 on windows (a parental controls app that does the job for me : ) (Posted since I saw some traffic to this page recently). I recently made the switch from Mac OS X to Windows (I now own a 17'' XPS which is an absolute beast of a machine). I have […]

More Updates to Listener

One of the rather irritating problems I was facing with Listener was that I had to set the intensity threshold for an alert manually (which is rather stupid). So I added a couple of lines that set the intensity threshold to what the average intensity of the surroundings currently is. So I no longer have […]

Listener Gets a VAD

So, the beginning of the 4th semester in the midst of losers and overachievers and this sem promises to set my a$$ on fire. As usual, I plan to continue working under Dr. Kihara this sem so that should be interesting. Anyway, I decided to improve upon what listener offered and decided to add a […]