En-route To Thinking Straight

I am not a fan of a large chunk of my childhood. I took things way too seriously. I cried over grades, got depressed about losing notebooks and overall, just cried. I then raised a stupid stink about my grades a lot of times in college.

And now I see the same pattern of thinking from others my age. With questions like:

  • What does it feel like to not get into X?
  • What is the approach to get into X now that I have already not gotten in the first time?

The simplest advice I have is:


There is a massive fetish in India about TE education. Yes, TE : Tech and Engr. Ask an Indian about whether they want a career in fundamental physics and the last 2 generations of their families will show up to tell you it is a bad idea. The TE fetish also makes no sense to me since this is a decision people make in the fucking 7th or 8th grade. In the 7th grade:

  • You don't know the fundamentals of calculus. I am certain at this time I was figuring out how to find the root of an expression.
  • You are not aware of semiconductor physics
  • You are not aware of Turing machines
  • You are not aware of information theory
  • You are not aware of cognitive-sciences
  • You are not aware of complexity theory
  • Godel is not encountered; neither are his theories

Yet, there is a solid population of a few million people who decide to major in EE/CS/CompE at this young age. This ridiculous fetish must stop.

People are good at things; they need to find their niche and they need to not be told about how their life will suck. The country is not a communist shithole anymore.

This is probably what happens when you have a billion people - you decide to number everyone.

God! I am so pissed by this nonsense.

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