Life Changers

One of the experiences that completely changed my life was an astronomy course I took at Purdue (ASTR 164). I took this course in my last semester since I had some spare time and didn't have any requirements to satisfy for my coursework so I was free to learn for the sake of learning. I believe we now have a methodical approach to combating hate on this planet:

  • The big bang occurred.
  • Matter composed of H and He atoms is generated.
  • Star formation results in creation of heavier elements by fusion.
  • Several generations of star formations later, we have heavier elements.
  • Dense dust/gas clouds results in the formation of Milky Way.
  • After some (a few million) years, our solar system.
  • Enriched with the right set of heavy elements, the setting is ripe for life.
  • Unicellular life.
  • Evolution leads to a species that can transfer concepts from one being to another by vibration of air molecules (i.e. talking) (of course, dinosaurs, asteroids and all that stuff took place in the middle).
  • After generations of this species combating disease, war and poverty, two sets of people ¬†copulate in two different parts of the world.
  • One of these sets led to my birth and the other to yours.
  • A similar process led to the birth of individuals who discovered abstractions over nature, tweaked it to their advantage and produced electricity, computers, internet etc.

In a very-very-very summarized paragraph, this is what it took for the two of us to be able to communicate through this blog post.

Enjoy your life.

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