End of Semester #5

So, another semester and another time to feel excellent about myself and all that sort of thing. But first, some interesting life-updates (these just crack me up everytime I list them out).

  • Due to some total n00b carelessness on my part, my trip to home (Singapore) got cancelled one day before I was scheduled to fly and one week later, I am in my homeland, India (funny how that worked out).
  • My Macbook Pro HD died completing a long list of problems with the machine. In its current state, the DVD drive refuses to work, the laptop hates Direct Current, HD is dead and screen has a few dead pixels on it. I am not interested in investing any $$ on this machine and considering that it is not even under warranty, I decided to make the plunge into the dell world and get a machine that would perform well for the next 6 years (XPS does offer good value for money).

Also, I really like this new theme on my blog - it is simple and without rubbish and I think this is what I want - for content to take center-stage.

More bad news: I cannot code over the break since I do not have access to a computer with a text editor and compilers / interpreters whatever. Brilliant. But maybe this is a good thing. I can really recharge my batteries now (whatever that means).

Now, it is time to gear up for a CS 497 project (got to finalize things first) and some interesting coursework (not the bogus BS I did last sem).

Anywho my coursework for next sem is lined up in the following fashion:

  • ECE 473 (Machine Learning)
  • CS 497 (Honors research)
  • CS 448 (Theory of relational databases)
  • MA 358 (Logic)
  • Phys 221 (Optics and E&M - I have put this sucker off for so long I almost feel guilty about it)

Hopefully things will go well and my brain will flourish in the relatively more interesting (compared to previous semesters) coursework.

Oh by the way, my new GPA is 3.94 (fuck yeah! an increase by a hundredth). Some interesting stuff I learned:

  • Panini was not an asshole (I really thought he existed to piss people off in a grade 6 history lesson on Indian literature).
  • I am really not prepared for the GRE :(.

OK OK, the GRE situation - I just do not like it. The verbal section just seems to be designed to piss people off - no really. I mean I have to pick up a book and master vocabulary so I can impress who? Nobody - that's right. If someone were to test me on my SAT vocabulary 48 hours I took the test, I would have flunked - absolutely flunked.

Anyway, this is life - we are supposed to suffer for bad decisions made by us and everyone else, and we are supposed to enjoy the fruits of good decisions made by just us. Not fair.

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