This is Disco Dora Maar (Picasso's Lover sitting in a lounge).

Disco Dora Maar
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PhD Candidate at CS, LTI @ Carnegie Mellon University. Advised by Jamie Callan.

Formerly, I was an undergrad in CS at Purdue. At Purdue, I worked with Mike Atallah, Daisuke Kihara and David Ebert.

In the middle I spent a summer at Microsoft Sharepoint (Enterprise Search) and another at Yelp.

CV available upon request.

Research Projects:

  • Currently I am working on a new web crawler.
  • I worked on tamper-proofing printed documents.



  • Email: spalakod at cs dot cmu dot edu
  • Office:
    #6609 Gates Hillman Center,
    5000 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh-PA, 15213


Soli Deo Gloria